2021 AWID Board of Directors, Official Ballot

2021 AWID Board of Directors, Official Ballot


Voting is now closed.

The ballots will be counted and the results will be announced in January 2021.

AWID members, help us elect two thoughtful and bold feminists to our Board.
Learn more about the Board election process >

Please cast your vote for two (2) candidates for general Board Members. Biographical information on each of the candidates is included for your reference. Every AWID member holding an individual or institutional membership may vote once. You may abstain from selecting two candidates if you choose.

If you are not able to submit your ballot online for any reason, please reach out to us, sharing your full name, AWID membership number, and who you are casting your votes for by December 21, 2020.

Slate of Candidates for the 2021 AWID Board of Directors

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